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Understanding Newborn Hiccups: Causes, Treatments, and When to Worry

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New parents frequently worry when their newborn experiences hiccups, which are a typical occurrence. They are, nevertheless, mostly benign and a typical aspect of growth. This post will discuss the causes of newborn hiccups, practical treatments, and warning signals for seeking medical attention.


Why Do Newborns Get Hiccups?

The breathing muscle known as the diaphragm becomes irritated in newborns, causing hiccups. This irritation can be triggered by various factors, including:

  • eating too rapidly
  • An enlarged abdomen
  • Some drugs
  • a background involving abdominal surgery

How to Stop Newborn Hiccups

While newborn hiccups typically resolve on their own, there are gentle measures you can take to alleviate them:

  • Burp Your Baby: Burping relieves bloating in the stomach, which is frequently the cause of hiccups.
  • Use a pacifier: The diaphragm can be soothed and hiccups can be stopped by sucking.
  • Alternate Position: Propping your infant up or massaging their back can be soothing.

Newborn hiccups

What Not to Do

Adult hiccup treatments should be avoided as they are unsafe for use on infants. Never try to get rid of hiccups in your infant by frightening them or breathing into a paper bag.

Preventing Hiccups in Babies

Since hiccups are a natural reflex, it might not be able to completely prevent them. But you can lessen the chance of hiccups by taking breaks and reducing the speed at which you feed.

When to Seek Medical Care

If your hiccups are regular, long-lasting, or accompanied by other symptoms like discomfort or trouble eating, see a doctor.


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