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“Hello there, explore expert-backed child health articles at our Little life Docs-Science Based Child Health website. Dive into topics like nutrition, development, safety, and parenting tips to support your child’s well-being.”

Hello I Am Pediatrician

Dr. Sabona Lemessa

“Dr. Sabona Lemessa”, a distinguished pediatrician and child health expert, serves as a consultant and assistant professor of pediatrics at Jimma University Medical Center in Ethiopia. His passion lies in advancing evidence-based care for little ones, ensuring their well-being from infancy to adolescence. 🌟👶🩺

3 Years Of Experience As A Pediatrician, consultant

“Meet Dr. Sabona Lemessa, our pediatric expert who is dedicated to empowering parents with reliable child health education and guidance for nurturing healthy, happy kids. He has 3 years experience in his profession.”

Dr. Sabona Lemessa

What I offer for your kids good health?

Important and educative child health articles will be published to empower you about your kids health!

Nutrition and diet

Advice on kids nutritions and nutritional problems will be published.

Newborn care

updated articles on Newborn care will be provided.

Diseases prevention

latest and updated diseases prevention measures will be published.

Child health promotion

Child health will be promoted!

Childhood Diseases

Articles on common childhood diseases will be published in different languages!

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